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MIA – One of our penguins is missing…

ATTENTION!! One of our squad has gone missing. We think he may have got separated from the team in Italy, but there are rumours that something more sinister is afoot. We have not received any ransom notes yet – so it may just be a simple case of getting stranded […]


EITF Taekwon-Do Championships, Greece 2016 on TV

Just ahead of the forthcoming ITF Junior and Veteran World Championships in Andria, Italy – here is the programme that aired on various mainstream TV channels recently. We will have a film crew in Italy and a similar programme will go out shortly after the event. All of this is part of […]

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2017 Championships in the press!

As part of the ongoing and steadily building promotion leading up to next years big event today’s Liverpool Echo has a full page advert and advertorial article featuring all up-coming Sports Events at the Echo Arena. LiverpoolEcho-19-8-16x The European ITF Taekwon-Do Championships 2017 is featured prominently, and between now and […]


Can’t buy me love – can buy me tickets

Tickets for the European ITF Taekwon-Do Championships are now on sale!  Just £16.90 for a full ticket, £9 concessions. Now you know that can’t be bad… Each of the four days lined-up will showcase all disciplines and daily highlights will include: Thursday 27th April: Children – all disciplines, Pattern Competition […]


Girl Power

We strapped a GoPro to Jo and let her and Bethany have a little spar. Beth had just won Silver in her sparring – so was a bit fired up for it. The Equipment got the worst of it again. Unfortunately the camera seemed to be right where she liked to […]


Eye in the Sky

Jonny got a new toy. We went and bought a drone and after a few test flights, Jonny was busy filming everything from the air. So we got some great footage of our cab driving along the water front in Thessaloniki. The plan was to film loads more from above […]


VIPS + Penguin + Cab = decent fare (tips?)

Battered, bruised but finally arrived in Thessaloniki, the Euros2017 Cab parks up outside the Capsis Hotel just in time to greet the VIPs as they are leaving congress. One or two people here you might just recognise: Master Alan Clark, Master George Vitale, Prof Kim Sung Hwan, Grandmaster Michael Prewett, Prof […]


Rough guide to Sofia

We made it to Bulgaria. Thought we’d stop over for a bit to see some of the sights in downtown Sofia. Not sure we had the right travel guide – but we made the best of it anyway. If you’re thinking of visiting the country – probably plan a bit […]


Alternator Blues…

It was all going so well. Almost running on time and the weather and scenery getting better. Then, the inevitable. We broke down. Of course it was late and dark and in the middle of nowheresville Bulgaria. To the rescue – the locals! No one spoke English – no one […]


Photo-bombing in Budapest

So, after some pretty hideous weather through Germany the Euro2017 cab road trip rolled on to Budapest. The crew took a short break to see some of the sights. Apparently, not only do they really like eating fish, but Penguins are really into photo-bombing. Being flightless meant things were difficult […]