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24th - 30th April 2017

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Middle East…?

We’re beginning to think the bird wasn’t kidnapped at all. Looks to us like he’s having a whale of a time. By the looks of the latest anonymous messages he’s been shopping. In Dubai. Or somewhere. When they said ‘somewhere in the middle east…’ we were thinking Coventry or Nottingham […]


Rollover Beethoven – Happy Birthday Chuck!

Chuck Berry would be 90 today!!   Here’s clip of the Beatles performing Chuck’s song ‘Rollover Beethoven’ live.     All 4 Beatles and Chuck Berry will be performing LIVE at the European ITF Taekwon-Do Championships in Liverpool at the Echo Arena in April 2017. Well… Not all of them…. […]


The Long & Winding Road…continues

You have to admit – our cab really does get about! Not only has it been up and down the UK – from Liverpool to London and everywhere in between – not to mention all the way down to Thessaloniki, Greece (and back) for the ITF European Championships – or […]


Dae doo do-san doh don’t dey

ITF England juniors perform Do-San in front of our beloved cab, outside the sports arena during the ITF Junior & Veteran World Taekwon-Do Championships in Andria, Italy. No Penguin involved. Although it is one of his favourite patterns… Watch the video here: More stuff that happened outside the sports hall […]


Life’s a beach…

More breaking penguin-related news. He’s been seen again. On a beach. Somewhere… It seems as if he’s been having a pretty nice time – albeit by the looks of his attire not on a tropical beach. We’re thinking North. Probably still Scotland. Or Norway. Or Iceland. Mum’s gone there… Some bad […]



CONCLUSIVE PROOF!! The bird is definitely in Scotland – AND teaching the odd Taekwon-Do class by the looks of things. Anyone seeing this penguin please contact ITF England immediately. He is an essential part of our Liverpool 2017 event, he doesn’t cope well with strange people & places, and his tea […]


Missing penguin update

So – we think from the latest pics that our feathered friend may be in Scotland. Or at least he was… It looks like he’s being looked after ok, even having a beer, but we’re still concerned that whoever has him may have something unpleasant planned. Keep your eyes and […]


MIA – One of our penguins is missing…

ATTENTION!! One of our squad has gone missing. We think he may have got separated from the team in Italy, but there are rumours that something more sinister is afoot. We have not received any ransom notes yet – so it may just be a simple case of getting stranded […]


EITF Taekwon-Do Championships, Greece 2016 on TV

Just ahead of the forthcoming ITF Junior and Veteran World Championships in Andria, Italy – here is the programme that aired on various mainstream TV channels recently. We will have a film crew in Italy and a similar programme will go out shortly after the event. All of this is part of […]


Monkeying round…

Monkees legend Micky Dolenz gets his own brick on the Cavern wall of fame This article in recent Liverpool Echo: LiverpoolEcho-30-8-16 Monkee Micky Dolenz has been given a brick on the Cavern Club wall of fame in Mathew Street. And the 71-year-old, who is playing two shows of old and new […]