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24th - 30th April 2017

Cathedral city

The lovely citysacpe of Liverpool

Are you ready for Liverpool?

The European ITF Taekwon-Do Championships 2017 is getting really close now. And you’re in for a treat if you’re going to be there!


Skyline of Liverpool docks which is a beautiful tourist attraction, Liverpool, England.


Liverpool’s impressive waterfront


And if you’re not going to be there – WHY?? are you insane? Unless you’re in orbit working on the space station, in prison, or Katie Hopkins there is no excuse for non-attendance. LOL….

Liverpool is an absolutely fantastic city and with so much to see and do you’ll be glad you came.



Waiting for a fare outside the old gothic Anglican Cathedral


We’ve been out in the cab sight seeing – and amazed at how compact the city is. Its so easy to get around and there are so many landmarks and famous buildings – even if you don’t like the Beatles (which to be honest is not a good thing to admit whilst you’re in the city. Best not tell anyone if you read The Sun newspaper either) – you’ll struggle to see everything on offer. Unless you stay an extra week….

Did you know that Liverpool has two Cathedrals? Yep. Two. One Catholic (modern) and one Anglican (gothic). Neither offer any cheese, but are really impressive both inside and out.




Our cab outside the modern Catholic Cathedral


Walk along the waterfront and you can see most of the landmarks. An impressive mix of historic older buildings like Albert Docks, the City of Liverpool, Liver and Cunard buildings and modern cutting edge style like Museum of Liverpool, Open Eye Gallery, and of course the Echo Arena AAC.



The Cab outside the Echo Arena at night


We look forward to seeing you all in Liverpool :)


Liverpool - city in Merseyside county of North West England (UK). Famous Chinatown gate.

Chinatown Gate