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24th - 30th April 2017



Even Super Heroes love our cab!


Comic Con 2017 Liverpool was a huge event this weekend at the Echo Arena.

The place was swarming with all manner of Elves, Wargs, Orks, Marvel Super Heroes, DC Comic fans, Star Wars enthusiasts. You name it they were there.


It was freaky at times.

Although the small group of Lara Crofts that were eating chips by the Arena entrance looked pretty authentic.

We had to go back and check several times to make sure…



Spidey was there as you’d expect. Quite a lot of Spideys in fact. At one point we had to shoe them away.

Clambering all over our cab with their sticky fingers. People seemed to like it and thought it was part of the show.

A big crowd gathered round taking pictures and – as always – wanting their pictures taken with the cab. It really was the star of the show.



The cab also drew the interest of a group of Sand People. They were fascinated by it. We got rid of them – but knew they’d be back, and in greater numbers….

Genuine petrol heads also couldn’t get enough of our Euros cab. Well known racing brothers – The Super Marios – wanted to take a test drive, but were carted off by security.



At this point the Lord of the Rings nutters had nabbed pride of place in front of the cab. Eventually security moved in to break up the mob. Apparently it was an Elf and safety issue.


The taxi had previously been out and about local schools doing its regular job of spreading the word of TKD.

At one point – rather ironically – parked on Stanley Road.




Pictured: Just your average Saturday in Liverpool


The car was definitely the star at this show.